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About Mothering Mojo

My name is Trudi Dawson, I am an experienced Doula (Doula UK), Infant Feeding Specialist, Antenatal Teacher (FEDANT), Holistic Infant Sleep Coach and RYT325hrs Yoga Instructor (Yoga Alliance UK). Originally training in 2007 with Michel Odent (Birth Reborn, The Oxytocin Factor, etc.), Kicki Hansard (The Secrets of Birth), Nurturing Birth, Sheila Kitzinger (The New Experience of Childbirth, etc.), Lushtums and many other wonderful teachers and training courses over the years.

Through my work as a Doula, Antenatal Educator, Infant Feeding Specialist and Yoga Instructor, I support mothers and their partners from early pregnancy through birth, postnatal recovery and the early years.

My passion lies in providing all-round holistic care for mothers during pregnancy and the perinatal period via research-based education, practical and emotional support and on-going care. My goal is to help mothers find their own way, their unique style, their confidence and their ability to truly thrive in motherhood and beyond.  


As my career as a doula has progressed, I am spending more and more time supporting parents in their feeding choices, including breastfeeding assessments and support with postnatal issues including sleep, routines, weaning and understanding normal infant behaviour during the first year. 


Tel: 07977 489 092

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