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Antenatal Education
I am a FEDANT-registered Antenatal Teacher and have been guiding parents-to-be through birth education for 14 years. Using a mix of yoga-breath and birth-positions, hypnobirthing techniques and evidence-based guidance (with a healthy dose of common-sense and personal realism) I can prepare you for every birth. Small group sessions and 1:2:1 classes are arranged on an individual basis. Contact me to discuss your personal needs. 

Pregnancy Yoga

I am a qualified 325hrs RYT Yoga Teacher, trained with Lushtums and registered with Yoga Alliance UK. Specialising in Pregnancy, Postnatal and Women's Health Yoga. I offer a regular timetable of Pregnancy, Postnatal and Vinyassa Yoga. I can also deliver small group yoga and 1:2:1 sessions. Please go to the 'Book Online' to register for a class or contact me for private bookings. 

How To Birth

I have been delivering comprehensive antenatal education for over a decade to couples, individuals and groups of parents-to-be. I regularly run group Antenatal Classes or can deliver a bespoke course in your home at a time that would be convenient to you. I am a FEDANT-registered Antenatal Educator. Please contact me for more details on dates and prices of my HOW TO BIRTH course. 



Would you wait to learn how to birth until you were in labour? Then why wait to learn about the newborn phase and how to nourish your baby until after he or she is born? This course covers everything you could possibly need to know from the moment your baby is born until feeding is established. And all that can happen in between! Including lots of 4th trimester tips and partner involvement. Courses only run every 6-8 weeks. 1:2:1 sessions also available on request.

Breastfeeding Classes

Breastfeeding Home Visits

If you feel something isn't quite right with your breastfeeding, it's important to get the right support as early as possible. It might be that you've been told your latch is perfect, but still things aren't working, you might need to be shown ways to increase your supply or you may need more specialist help in the form of an IBCLC or tongue-tie specialist. Not all enquiries necessitate a home visit, some can be solved with appropriate sign-posting. But please do make contact as soon as possible.  


Birth Debriefs

Whether you would like to debrief a recent birth experience or prepare for a subsequent birth, it's often difficult to find the right support to talk things through. Some births just didn't quite go to 'plan' and you'd like to discuss how to navigate the path to birth with more understanding next time. Whilst other births can leave one or both partners feeling incredibly traumatised and overwhelmed with emotion on a daily basis. I have received quality training in Birth Trauma and am also an NLP Foundation practitioner. 

Postnatal Doula Services

Whether this is your first or fourth baby, there will be a time of adjustment for the whole family. A postnatal doula is an experienced pair of hands, supporting you and your partner to discover your own parenting style. From support with feeding, settling, understanding babies cues, sleep and routines to help with getting around and light household chores. Specialist one-off visits to discuss feeding and sleep consultations can also be arranged. 

Postnatal Yoga

Gentle, restorative yoga classes where you can bring your baby too. Learn to connect back with your pelvic floor and deep core muscles, ease off aching backs and shoulders and learn relaxation techniques. All in a welcoming, friendly environment with other new mums in the area. Courses run in term time, please see Book A Class for the next course in your area.

Pelvic Floor Restore Yoga

Whether you had a baby 16 months or 16 years ago, this class is for all women to learn to reconnect with their deep core muscles, protect the strength and function of their pelvic floor for the future and learn to move and relax mindfully. 

A mixed ability class for men and women, teenagers and silver surfers! Exploring the functional movement of the body with the breath, ensuring we stay strong yet grounded, energised yet at peace. 

Vinyasa Yoga



A spokesperson for Breastfeeding/Postnatal Issues

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